Own coffee growing in Colombia

Grow your own coffee in Colombia. You decide the Arabica variety, we guarantee the professional cultivation.
Our team of German-Colombian experts oversees the daily development of the plants. Our team is made up of a certified agronomist and of course a true coffee farmer. You have the possibility to lease a Ha for 10 years
You decide the Arabica variety that you would like to cultivate on one hectare. At an altitude of 1950 m, we can guarantee the following Arabica varieties with good harvest results. Caturo, Bourbon, Tabi, Tipico, Variedad Colombia, Castillo
On our Rio Bambo finca in Fredonia Antioquia you can grow your own coffee from seed to exportable coffee. The finca has not been used economically in the last 20 years.
For this reason, the soil is not contaminated by any chemical pesticides, insecticides, fungicides and fertilizers.
It is to say a virgin finca.
Of course, you can always follow the development of your project at any time.
Personally and through videos and photos on our part.
Due to the location of the finca at an altitude of 1950 m at the foot of an extinct volcano and the proximity of the Cauca Canions a unique microclimate we are able to guarantee best harvest results. The Cauca River flows about 1000 meters deeper in a valley, resulting in warm winds that rise to the higher levels and mix with the sloping cool breezes of the summit
The extinct volcano and the rocky environment support the best conditions of a mineral rich soil. The quality of a real spicy coffee depends on several factors. One is the texture of the soil, the merrier the better.
The requirements for a good and quality-improving growth are also improved by the storage of solar energy during the day and the subsequent release of rocks. In the evening, the rocks release the stored heat, giving the environment a kind of night storage heating.
For more information, please contact us. It is of course important to us that we know our customers personally because this project is a long-term mutual obligation.









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